by Jud Cost

Originally published in the show program for Broadway San Jose’s run of RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles (March 27 – 29, 2015) 

This appearance of RAIN at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts Center awakens the ghosts of the South Bay’s love affair with the Beatles that began over 50 years ago when the Liverpool moptops first toured the US in 1964. The Beatles’ first stop on that tour was at the

RockBar Theater in San Jose. December 13, 7 p.m. Tickets only $20.

At Orloff Williams, when the holidays arrive so too does the music of local rock star and Grammy-nominated recording artist Robert Berry and December People. They’re returning from a sold-out fundraiser for United Way in Topeka and will be playing San Jose’s new rock palace to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.

Featuring members from Boston, The Greg Kihn Band, Sammy Hagar Band, The Tubes, and Ambrosia, December People mashes

Fifty years ago, on August 19th, 1964, a San Jose native brought the Beatles to the Cow Palace in Daly City. It was the Fab Four’s first show on their America tour. Tonight, Sir Paul McCarney is playing the last show at Candlestick Park (where the Beatles played their last official concert on August 29th, 1966). There seems to be a powerful synergy with The Beatles and that part of the bay.

It’s 2.3 miles from the “Stick” to the

Hey Elon,

It’s Mike from down the 880. Just wanted to thank you for making the automobile exciting again with stuff like open source, and upgrade paths.

In that spirit, I have a design question. Is it a rule that an electric car has to look like a prop in Robocop 3? Don’t get me wrong, no one likes that sleek modern body style more than me. Wait, I got that wrong. Actually everyone does. In fact,

In a recent editorial by Greg Baumann regarding venture capitalist Tom Perkins, the Silicon Valley Business Journal editor in chief made some thought-provoking observations and predictions in the wake of Perkins’ statements equating Nazi atrocities to the “rising tide of hatred of the successful 1 percent,” social inequality, his position at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and his Richard Mille watch, that have heaved him back into the spotlight he once enjoyed for his successes in the world of venture

For those who know me and Orloff Williams, you know our passion for music, especially classic rock and music innovations that have sprung from San Jose and the Bay Area. Adding to that passion is the joy of being a small part of making dreams come true for our clients. Campbell resident and Grammy-nominated recording artist Robert Berry’s dream is coming true with his rock band December People.

This holiday season, Orloff Williams and December People would like to

During the dotcom bubble of the late 90’s, I worked as a creative director in a division of a marketing firm that specialized in startups. This startup division was created not just because there was a lot of VC money in Silicon Valley, but also because there was a lot of VC money in Silicon Valley.

We had a pretty good process in place to position each new company, create their identity, and execute the basic deliverables that would

NFL Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi began every training camp with the following words “Gentlemen, this is a football.” This little anecdote reminds us how important it is to begin at the beginning, even with trained professionals. I feel that way about marketing. Too often the terms sales and marketing are used as if they are interchangeable – well, they’re not. Simply put, marketing is the art and science of creating awareness and sales is the art of