Hey Elon,

It’s Mike from down the 880. Just wanted to thank you for making the automobile exciting again with stuff like open source, and upgrade paths.

In that spirit, I have a design question. Is it a rule that an electric car has to look like a prop in Robocop 3? Don’t get me wrong, no one likes that sleek modern body style more than me. Wait, I got that wrong. Actually everyone does. In fact, I think the BMW i3 looks like a portable ice maker.

When I was growing up in the 70’s, I was obsessed with cars. I remember having this slot car track with battery powered cars. The chassis, motor and battery were one piece, and the body snapped on over it. You could choose from different body styles of the era.

So I wondered, you’ve got the chassis, motor and battery. Why not pop on a ’68 Ferrari 250, or Jaguar E-Type body? Or even Jim Rockford’s car. I mean, if they can make Taco Bell tacos with Doritos, surely the car companies of the world can work together to create works of lasting beauty. Plus I hear you know how to work with Europeans, so you’re already past the first hurdle.

Anyway, thanks for hearing me out. If you’re already working on something like this, I can’t wait. But if you heard it here first, then I like navy convertibles.


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